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Reading "Love One Another!" is not the only way to stay in Christ which is proposed by us. You can also join the Movement of Pure Hearts to find support for your views among peers and to resist a sexual pressure together with others and to remain faithful to Jesus also in the area of sexuality. When you begin the path of married life preserving the purity of your marriage will be up to you both. The Movement of Pure Hearts for Married Couples will help you and your spouse to develop a pure conjugal love in prayer unity with other couples, faithful to the teaching of Christ. Everyone, regardless of their current state, may turn to prayer crusade "Save the Marriages!", which aims at the spiritual support in crisis. In most cases there is one who has suffered betrayal by a spouse, who was abandoned and trampled by the nearest person. The Movement of Faithful Hearts helps to persevere in faithfulness and hope. Its members testify that the return and reconciliation are possible even after years of betrayal.


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  • The Movement of Pure Hearts
  • The most important task in life of every man is maturing to love or to acquire the gift of a pure heart by completely entrusting oneself to Jesus.

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  • The Movement of Pure Hearts for Married Couples
  • Dear husbands and wives!

    These days there is a great need for married couples to cooperate intensively with Jesus. By joining the Movement of Pure Hearts for Married Couples you have decided to open yourselves daily to that great treasure, which is Jesus Himself in the Sacrament of Marriage. He is the sole source of your love, the one guarantor of your growth to perfect happiness in heaven. Accept His love wholeheartedly in daily prayer and the sacraments, that you may bestow this love on each other, your children, and others. Jesus wants to keep your marital relations healthy, to teach you mutual forgiveness, that your life together may be a banquet of true love.

  • The Movement of Faithful Hearts
  • We urge all those who have experienced a crisis in their marriage (or who are witnesses to a marital crisis) to pray and strive for a reconciliation and mutual forgiveness. At the same time, we urge married couples who have been touched by betrayal and divorce to remain faithful in spite of the betrayal; to pray for the return of their spouse, to hope against hope—trusting that the hope they have placed in Jesus will never disappoint.
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